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West Side is the Best Side

My mom sends me a LOT of emails. Many of these, such as the ones that explain the pollen count on any given day in Los Angeles,  I rarely open before hitting the “delete” button (love you, mommy!) But every now and then my mom will send me something cool, like this article from The West Side Rag about a project undertaken in 1982.

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The Christmas Bait and Switch

A Model of Understated Elegance

This week, a major tree-building operation took over the eastern end of one of LAs magical artificial consumption playlands.  This mall, despite being called “The Grove,” is light on real in-ground trees but does have one imposing pine that it converts to something holiday-cheerful every year for the Christmas bonanza (which also features overdone sleighs, fake snow, and a full scale Santa hut constructed especially for the season).  Unfortunately, during this week’s tree-building operation, I learned something highly disturbing about the Grove Christmas tree.


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Driving While President

These guys

When I arrived at work the other day there were snipers on the roof of our office building. Snipers, ready to snipe things with their rifles. All aflutter with this turn of events, I filled several people in via gchat. The exchanges usually went something like this:

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The Jagger/Levine “Moves” Showdown

The topic of Mick Jagger is generally raised in only two circumstances.  One is during discussions of advancing age among once-heartthrob-y celebrities.  The other is during discussions with baby boomers about why the Rolling Stones are better than what we listen to now.

Recently, however, Jagger has become a common topic of discussion among the pop music set.  His rise in relevance, of course, is owed to Maroon 5’s new single “Moves Like Jagger,” (henceforth MLJ) featuring the divalicious over-singing sensation Christina Aguilera and Maroon’s lead singer Adam Levine expounding on how having moves like Jagger makes them irresistible.   Continue reading

Today in Gchat: Further Proof that Everyone Cool Loves Buffy.

Also, the post in which we introduce a new blog feature by completely and irrevocably destroying the fourth wall:

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“Science is Science to Everybody”

This sage observation by my boo Toby Ziegler is taken from episode 1.20 of The West Wing, in a scene that concerns whether a ruling by the American Medical Association should be used as the basis for drug enforcement legislation. The full text of the scene can be found here, a little less than half way down the page, in case you have nothing better to do with your day than read teleplays of The West Wing. I actually laughed out loud when I heard this line, but not because of my partiality to the witty rhythms of Sorkinese, or even because Toby’s characteristically Jewish disgruntlement about all things always makes me swoon.

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Today’s News, As Told By Huffington Post

 Every morning I read two news websites: The New York Times (paid news)  Huffington Post (free news).  A few months ago, when the Times started charging $15/month for a subscription, I had a near meltdown and attempted to boycott them.  This effort was a massive failure, mostly because, while Huffington Post does offer some enticing yellow journalism-style sensationalist political headlines, it also offers and endless variety of tempting non-news headlines, the later being what I end up actually clicking on.  During the brief time that I was boycotting the Times, I was a fountain of information on cute pet videos and little else.  My failure at carrying out the boycott for longer was really, as you can see, a win for America.

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