Today in Gchat: Further Proof that Everyone Cool Loves Buffy.

Also, the post in which we introduce a new blog feature by completely and irrevocably destroying the fourth wall:

Tania: i’m actually really glad you chose to write about fanvids
because i have long found this phenomenon completely mesmerizing
Lila: yeah
it’s totally baffling
and there are probably more hilarious examples than I wrote about
Tania: i spent god knows how long one night watching fanvids about the love between matt and julie from FNL
Lila: later in the day I discovered an entire “fanfiction” collection
for grey’s anatomy
Tania: oh god
people are so, so crazy
Lila: I can’t even begin to comment
Tania: i just really hope all the people writing these are 14
Lila: there was one night in college where I watched like two hours straight of buffy the vampire slayer fan videos
Tania: oh my god
i used to read buffy fanfic!
when i was like 12
buffy was how i learned about fanfic
Lila: buffy is like the ultimate nerdy obsession show
Tania: i LOVED buffy
Lila: me too
Tania: oh totally
Lila: buffy was my intro to the world of crazy fanfic
Tania: people wrote the CRAZIEST buffy fanfic
Lila: oh my god
it was like every crazy creepy fantasy
but I’ve also noticed that fan fiction is heavily weighted towards gay fantasies
Tania: omg TOTALLY
but there was also a lot of hetero BDSM stuff about Spike and Buffy
lots of women out there writing fanfic
who are interested in exploring their inner slave / dominatrix
Lila: totally
Tania: but it’s like 80% gay
Lila: i feel like lesbianism is like 90% of fanfiction
Tania: and the rest of it is 14 year old girls being like “and then Buffy and Angel were in love 4EVER”
Lila: like any lesbian couple in tv history
has a freaking endless trove of fanfiction
Tania: hahahahahh
it’s so funny
maybe we should make this a dialogue post!
on how we were introduced to fanfic via buffy
or something
Lila: ohhhh
Tania: the question is, do we edit the dialogue to make ourselves sound more witty?
or, at least, to include fewer teenage-isms like “OMG” from me?
i’m really the worst with that shit
I gchat like a high school cheerleader hopped up on diet coke
or is that what makes it funny?
Lila: we edit out any nonsense at least
but like nobody is going to hold us up to journalistic standards
Tania: no of course
just as long as we don’t sound like total idiots

So. Mission accomplished? Probably not.

Also, this. Like this exactly:


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