West Side is the Best Side

My mom sends me a LOT of emails. Many of these, such as the ones that explain the pollen count on any given day in Los Angeles,  I rarely open before hitting the “delete” button (love you, mommy!) But every now and then my mom will send me something cool, like this article from The West Side Rag about a project undertaken in 1982.

82nd and Columbus

Apparently a man attempted to photograph the storefronts on every single block of the Upper West Side of Manhattan and stitch them into panoramas. Unsurprisingly, he did not succeed (the UWS is HUGE!), but he did get a lot of great stuff in the process. And apparently now someone is putting that stuff online, including a whole slew of panoramas taken on Columbus Avenue right near the American Museum of Natural History (where, incidentally, I worked for two years before moving to Los Angeles).

I remember Sloan's! Gone now...

Just for some more personal context, I grew up on the Upper West Side, in an apartment near Columbia University that my mom moved into in the mid ’70s shortly after she graduated college. My parents still live in that apartment, and we have all seen the neighborhood go through many changes. I am also, in general, completely  and utterly obsessed with trawling through old photographs of New York City, which I will probably find an excuse to elaborate on some other time.



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