The Dapper Bandit Strikes Again!


I have had a minor obsession with hilarious bank robber nicknames ever since the Geriatric Bandit swept through Southern California a few years ago.  According to my extensive research, law enforcement agencies give nicknames  to serial bank robbers because then they get talked about and crime gets stopped.  I’m sure that says something about human nature and crime and comedy and…what?  No, it’s just funny.

Anyway, today’s local news in New York featured an update on another bank robber, a “Dapper Bandit.”  Apparently he dresses in nice suits and, I can only assume, must have the gentile robbing style befitting of such a character.

In honor of the Dapper Bandit, I feel compelled to pass something along:

This is a list compiled by a site called that features the “bandit” names of every SoCal bank robber of the modern era.  It is the most, dare I say, AWESOME website in all of the crime-stopping world.  The stuff of comic books and action/comedies, my friends.  My personal favorite?  The Bubble Wrap Bandit.




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