Things To Consider Before Designing Your Disaster Kit

Hello, science nerds.

We’ve covered some of the important signs that the world is doomed on this blog. Things like Republican hair, zany fashion, melody-less singing, awkward dancing, and cheesy youtube mashups. What we have not discussed is the fact that we might all perish before these evils do us in thanks to another concerning trend: giant man-eating dry land-walking OCTOPUSES [caps necessary to express level of terror].

So, naysayers, before we settle in for the long haul, convinced that Rebecca Black is not powerful enough to destroy us all, there is a video that is important for you to see with a comment stream that confirms the worst. Please do not enjoy this video. Just watch it and mentally prepare your disaster kit.

[As a side note, why were the innocent people in this video watching this octopus without at least a fence or a piece of glass protecting them from its slithering eight-legged powers? Why were children present? Is there a social services agent we can get involved?]

I’m saving your lives, people. Thanks will be payable in the form of gourmet mint-flavored chocolate bars.



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