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A Note Of Explanation + A New Huffington Post Link = Good Things

Well friends, you may have noticed that Tania and I are on a bit of a blogging vacation.  The reason is twofold:

1. We are lazy.

2. Holiday stuff.

BUT DO NOT STRESS!  This drought will not go on much longer because, believe me, I am having THOUGHTS and I’m certain Tania is too.  Contrary to popular belief, we can’t just turn it off because Santa is coming to town.  We are stuck with these thoughts all year.

Until we get the energy to commit those thoughts to paper, however, we have you covered.  Here, for example, is a new Huffington Post essay I wrote on a topic irrelevant to this blog.  Surely it will tide you over.  Or not.  Whatever.

LINK CLICKING OPPORTUNITY RIGHT HERE: Healthcare and the Marcellus Shale — Fracking’s Consequences in Upstate New York

Happy Holidays from DWG!


Today’s News, As Told By Huffington Post (12/8 Edition)

Recession Specials For "Special" People and More!

Friends, countrymen, patriots, traitors, and lima beans, it’s another edition of Today’s News!  Contained within is important information about science, health, culture, weddings, and more…

As always, past editions are archived here and the present edition is available to all below the jump (Now with new 10pm addendum)!

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Spielberg Engineers My Tears

In continuing with the movie bent DWG has been on of late,  I have a few thoughts about the trailer below, which aired before the Marilyn screening I wrote about last week:

This seems to be the longest trailer in the history of the world.  How, you ask, could that be considering it is under 3 minutes, a completely normal length in world time?

I’ll explain.  I’m talking about thought-time.

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The Dangers of Watching Great Movies

Good afternoon, my pretties! I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me but I promise I haven’t abandoned you — I merely got sidelined by germs, fatigue, and the parts of my life that don’t happen on the internet. Can you believe there are any? Neither can I, sometimes.

But now… I am back to blogging!

Ben Franklin butter statue. Nothing as American as cardiac arrest!

In case you missed it, a little over a week ago there was this big holiday known as American Arterial Distress Day, or something like that. After stuffing myself full of delicious, delicious animal fat courtesy of friend and blog reader Brent (hi Brent!), I atoned for my crass excess by having one the most pretentious weekends of all time.

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“Call Me Marilyn,” or Just, You Know, Something…

A few days ago Tania and I saw “My Week With Marilyn,” which stars Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.  In the film there is a scene in which Monroe, untouchable, unreliable, surrounded by an enabling entourage, tells the PA who has been “Ms. Monroe”-ing her up and down, to call her Marilyn.  It’s supposed to be the moment we know he’s broken through (SPOILER ALERT: Eh, you can guess).

Now for many reasons that are covered later, there is no actual “breaking through” with somebody who is aware of and embracing their iconic status.  Sure.  Still, this simple exchange struck me as interesting.

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