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Spielberg Engineers My Tears

In continuing with the movie bent DWG has been on of late,  I have a few thoughts about the trailer below, which aired before the Marilyn screening I wrote about last week:

This seems to be the longest trailer in the history of the world.  How, you ask, could that be considering it is under 3 minutes, a completely normal length in world time?

I’ll explain.  I’m talking about thought-time.

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The Dangers of Watching Great Movies

Good afternoon, my pretties! I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me but I promise I haven’t abandoned you — I merely got sidelined by germs, fatigue, and the parts of my life that don’t happen on the internet. Can you believe there are any? Neither can I, sometimes.

But now… I am back to blogging!

Ben Franklin butter statue. Nothing as American as cardiac arrest!

In case you missed it, a little over a week ago there was this big holiday known as American Arterial Distress Day, or something like that. After stuffing myself full of delicious, delicious animal fat courtesy of friend and blog reader Brent (hi Brent!), I atoned for my crass excess by having one the most pretentious weekends of all time.

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“Call Me Marilyn,” or Just, You Know, Something…

A few days ago Tania and I saw “My Week With Marilyn,” which stars Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.  In the film there is a scene in which Monroe, untouchable, unreliable, surrounded by an enabling entourage, tells the PA who has been “Ms. Monroe”-ing her up and down, to call her Marilyn.  It’s supposed to be the moment we know he’s broken through (SPOILER ALERT: Eh, you can guess).

Now for many reasons that are covered later, there is no actual “breaking through” with somebody who is aware of and embracing their iconic status.  Sure.  Still, this simple exchange struck me as interesting.

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Top 5 Movies With No Plot A.K.A. My Favorite Films of All Time

More of this

Around certain parts (these parts, far parts, near parts) I am known to have somewhat unconventional taste in films.  This is because I am a ridiculous wimp and have an aversion to yelling, suspense, violence, or the suggestion thereof.  Regular-person movies like “Super 8” find me twisting 360 degrees in my $16 theater seat and cause panic-dreams for weeks.

Naturally then, when choosing a movie, I am not drawn towards films with plots or a series of actions that further said plot.  I prefer to watch regular people go through subtle emotional trials only to end up either largely unchanged or changed in a way that is impossible to describe with any specificity.

Many people are not familiar with my preferred genre because it has almost no appeal to anybody looking for a movie with clear entertainment value.  Still, as a public service I have decided to list my favorite movies and explain why they are so awesome.

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Three Weeks in High School with Justin Bieber and the Tweeters

I came to twitter late. I’ve technically had an account for over a year, but for most of that time I couldn’t quite get the hang of it. Then suddenly, this September, I “got it” and started tweeting up a storm.

Once I figured out how to make twitter work for me, I decided it was time to understand how twitter works for others. As part of my investigations, I spent approximately 3 weeks following Justin Bieber. The things I learned about our society were mind-blowing. Life altering, even. My powers of comprehension were thoroughly tested.

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At Home-Church With The Duggars

Have you seen this family?

Against all matching-outfit evidence to the contrary they aren’t a singing group. Against all 19 child logic, they aren’t Catholic.  Against all time-related logic the mother homeschools all of them (theoretically).  Against all child labor law logic they built the house they live in WITH THE HELP OF THE CHILDREN.

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Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

What we're in for

There are hundreds if not thousands of web series’ making their way through the tubes of  the internet that are well produced, well-acted, based on good ideas, or some combination of the above.  There are even internet entities producing quality television-length programming (this, for example) that could just appear on tv one day with no fuss or confusion from viewers about what happened to their favorite actor/character/story arc.  Series’ that have good reason to be forcibly delivered to our living rooms via legitimate networks.

Why then, television Gods, is this horrific mess going to be filling up the airwaves?  (Margaret Lyons basically sums up my thoughts on the ‘Annoying Orange” phenomenon, so I defer to her comments.  My only addition is: bleck!)