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Spielberg Engineers My Tears

In continuing with the movie bent DWG has been on of late,  I have a few thoughts about the trailer below, which aired before the Marilyn screening I wrote about last week:

This seems to be the longest trailer in the history of the world.  How, you ask, could that be considering it is under 3 minutes, a completely normal length in world time?

I’ll explain.  I’m talking about thought-time.

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How FDR Would Have Gotten To My High School Prom

(c) Sam Horine/Gothamist

When I was younger, riding in an overcrowded subway car to school with 10 trillion others kids and navigating the treacherous terrain of distinguishing between “people to wave to,” “people to pretend not to know from math class,” and “people to aspire to waving to,” I regularly dreamt of having a private subway car.  In fact, I thought it would be nice if New York City could commission special cars for all full-time residents and allow us to decorate them ourselves.  My car would have looked like a miniature loft, with rustic wood floors and a nice graphic wool rug, a desk made of distressed wood, a very fluffy bed, and crown molding.  Just a nice, livable, inviting space that did not allow parents except under special circumstances and did NOT allow freshmen.

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