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Today in Gchat: Further Proof that Everyone Cool Loves Buffy.

Also, the post in which we introduce a new blog feature by completely and irrevocably destroying the fourth wall:

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TV Fans Have Too Much Time on Their Hands

Television and film have, for most of their history, been a one-way medium.  The screen would tell the stories, we would watch and either trust the director/producer/writer/actor’s vision or not care enough to worry about it.  This historically laissez-faire attitude towards TV and film watching might have been the result of the many logistical challenges a fan who cared too much would have faced 10 years ago.  Until recently, audiences wishing to participate had basically one option: sending a fan letter to PO boxes at public relations offices somewhere in Burbank, CA.  These letters often resulted in the receipt of a poster and a feeling of joy at getting something free in the mail.  There was no internet, however, no Twitter, no easy way to organize a massive letter-writing campaign or peanut delivery.  You either were a person with a compliment/hateful sentiment so potent it had to be addressed, or you were not involved.

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