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A Note Of Explanation + A New Huffington Post Link = Good Things

Well friends, you may have noticed that Tania and I are on a bit of a blogging vacation.  The reason is twofold:

1. We are lazy.

2. Holiday stuff.

BUT DO NOT STRESS!  This drought will not go on much longer because, believe me, I am having THOUGHTS and I’m certain Tania is too.  Contrary to popular belief, we can’t just turn it off because Santa is coming to town.  We are stuck with these thoughts all year.

Until we get the energy to commit those thoughts to paper, however, we have you covered.  Here, for example, is a new Huffington Post essay I wrote on a topic irrelevant to this blog.  Surely it will tide you over.  Or not.  Whatever.

LINK CLICKING OPPORTUNITY RIGHT HERE: Healthcare and the Marcellus Shale — Fracking’s Consequences in Upstate New York

Happy Holidays from DWG!


Today’s News, As Told By Huffington Post (11/30 Edition)

Yup, Jail. Read on...

Straight from the internet trenches, it’s another edition of “Today’s News,” from the gold standard in mingling important stuff with irrelevant blather, Huffington Post.  (Past editions are archived here.)

Here are some front page stories you might have missed while you were reading about Herman Cain’s sexual escapades:

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Today’s News, As Told By Huffington Post

Last week I explained some of my less-than-savory news reading habits when it comes to Huffington Post.  Today I bring you five new headlines, all taken from this morning’s Huffington Post front page (where the big news is supposed to be) and all as equally as important to your understanding of the world as the long article about Greece’s debt referendum that I know you read this morning.  Enjoy!

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