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Presidential Cool is All in the Code Name

Code name: EAGLE!!

It is previously documented that I have a consuming fascination with presidential security.  As such, I was extremely excited to come across a fun little quiz on this very subject as I was perusing NYMag.com this morning. Said quiz challenges you to match a series of famous political figures with their often hilarious Secret Service code names. Because I am brilliant and a total freak, I took the quiz and scored a 8 out of 9. Lila, who is special in other ways, only scored a 4 out of 9.

Take the quiz yourself at the link below, and report back with your score if you are so inclined:


code name: TUMBLER (yes, really)

Alright folks, that’s it for today. And since it’s fake Friday, you probably won’t be hearing from us until after the holiday weekend. Godspeed, and enjoy your turkeys and pies.



Driving While President

These guys

When I arrived at work the other day there were snipers on the roof of our office building. Snipers, ready to snipe things with their rifles. All aflutter with this turn of events, I filled several people in via gchat. The exchanges usually went something like this:

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